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The New Zealand Speech Board Oral Assessment Programme has recently been introduced school wide. As a result of the Oral Assessment Programme students should (quoted from the NZ Speech Board Syllabus): -

  •  "Be able to express themselves with clarity, confidence and courtesy in personal, social, work related, and professional situations and for speaking in public;
  • Read silently with perception and also read aloud with sensitivity for content and occasion to hold the interest of the listener;
  • Through enjoyment of what they read, develop an appreciation of literature;
  • Develop the ability to listen with discernment and courtesy;
  • Develop a vocabulary rich enough to express thoughts and ideas with clarity and imagination;
  • Develop a resonant, flexible and appropriately projected voice;
  • Develop speech internationally understandable and free from affection or habits which may cause ambiguity or embarrassment."
  • As well the programme has many practical benefits: -
  • " Goals can be set and worked towards;
  • Organisational, preparation and presentation skills are used;
  • Oral language skills are extended;
  • Opportunity is given for self and peer assessment;
  • An a occasion is provided to use courtesy and social skills;
  • Sound preparation and effort are encouraged and rewarded;
  • Confidence and self esteem are increased;
  • The assessment situation is experienced as positive and non-threatening."

All pupils (year 0-8) take part in this Oral Assessment as part of the classroom English programme, but the opportunity also exists for children to choose to be examined by New Zealand Speech Board examiners.

The Oral Assessment Programme will usually run in the second term.