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The Health card supplied to new entrants is to be completed for the Public Health Nurse. Please advise us of any changes in medical circumstances that we should be aware of.

Good health is essential for school progress and in partnership with parents we address any health issues.

1.     Hearing and Vision tests are carried out in the first year of school and parents can request further checks when thought advisable. The tester visits us once a term.

2.     Immunisation protects! Five-year-olds entering school are expected to have their immunisation programme up to date. Please check with your family doctor of Public Health Nurse to ensure this is done. A Boostrix immunisations (to boost your child's protection against tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough) are given at school in Year 7. In Year 8 the HPV (Human Papillomavirus vaccination) is given in 2 doses as part of the National Immunisation Schedule.

3.     Headlice.  Despite all precautions, these nuisances do make an occasional visit. By far the best method of control is to carefully inspect your child's hair at least once a week – if in doubt seek medical advice from your doctor, or see a Chemist/Pharmacy. Regular combing/brushing of hair can help to eradicate live lice. The school often has free treatment available, with combs and information. Please ask at the office. 

4.     Common Ailments – period of exclusion from school:

  •        Chicken Pox - for one week from the appearance of rash,
  •        Measles   - for one week from appearance of rash,
  •        Mumps - until swelling has completely subsided,
  •        Ringworm - must be under treatment
  •        Impetigo - (school sores) must be treated and covered

5.     The Dental Bus visits the school for at least one term for a year for dental helath checks and treatment. If a problem arises at any other time throughout the year please phone the school on 3638117 or the Horowhenua Dental Unit on 3660060 for free dental treatment.