Coley Street School

(06) 363 8117 51 Coley Street, Foxton, 4814
Coley Street School
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A Special Education Committee meets regularly to help organise and coordinate programmes for children identified as having learning difficulties in various areas. Support is provided for children requiring additional assistance, as well as those requiring extension.

Support Programmes include: -

  • TARP (Tape Assisted Reading Programme)
  • Talk to Learn Programme
  • Enhanced Literacy Programme
  • Enhanced Numeracy Programme (NIP)
  • Monthly testing (Spelling Level Testing, Letter Sound Testing, and Basics Facts Testing)

MAGs (More Able Children) Programmes

Coley Street School identifies children with special abilities in various areas, and provides extension programmes. We liaise with Manawatu College to provide some extension programmes in various curriculum areas, including mathematics and science. Programmes operate for art, general knowledge, and sport.