Coley Street School

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Coley Street School
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For the child's first admission to a school it is necessary to provide the following:

  • Birth Certificate – proof of age.
  • Immunisation Programme Certificate.
  • Address and phone number.
  • Alternative phone number of friend or relatives for emergencies only.
  • Doctor's name.


All children receive free stationery from the school. However we ask parents to provide inexpensive over the ear headphones which are clearly named and left at school for their own use. 


Does your child:

  • Know their own name, address and telephone number well enough to repeat when necessary?
  • Know the safest way to school and be aware of road safety?
  • Put away play things after using them?
  • Take off and put on outer clothing without assistance?
  • Tie their own shoes?
  • Know how to use a tissue?
  • Know how to wash hands after using the toilet?

As parents what can you do to help?

  • Talk to your child about starting school.
  • Buy clothes and shoes that are easy to manage.

LABEL CLEARLY all possessions that your child will bring to school such as their back-pack, snack-box, clothing and shoes etc. It is not wise to send good toys to school.

Lost property is kept on the rack in the Admin block available for parent's inspection. Unclaimed lost property is donated to a charity at the end of each term.